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In July 2022, we began our journey to the darknet by offering a number of innovations that led to the creation of a user base that we organically acquired over time. Quest darknet did not participate in generous marketing campaigns, instead relying on word of mouth and placement on reliable platforms that chose Quest market only on the basis of our authority. Quest shop believes in a sense of community and loyalty to our client portfolio.

There is no tolerance for fraud or fake reviews on Quest. We believe in openness and honesty and want everyone to have the best experience using Quest. Security is also of paramount importance, which is why Quest onion accepts only Monero for payment, and access to the market is possible only through the Tor browser.

What's Special About Quest Market?

Here we will tell you about the innovations of the Quest market

Simple purchase of goods on Quest

Well, Quest market was coded from scratch, has unrivalled security features, Quest the world's first market to support XMR multisig. And how about the fact that you can order from the Quest market without even needing to create an account! Yep, we make ordering as quick and easy as possible, whilst still providing full escrow protection, the ability to communicate with the vendor and even leave feedback. None of the major markets are currently able to offer this suite of features unlike Quest darknet.

New features on the Quest market

Quest onion regularly listen to feedback from our users, and proudly introduced our ‘light mode’ for the folks that need a bit of color in their life. It even features a changing theme depending on the time of the day! If you think you can make the rainbow better, drop us a line.

Here's a preview of the Quest market interface when first accessed and after signing in:

Quest Home

Quest Light Mode

Dark Mode (default) and Light Mode shown

Guide to Using Quest

What Can Be Purchased On Quest darknet?

Quest market allow the sale of most drugs (with the exception of fent, for obvious reasons), as well as fraud on Quest, guides, software and other digital products. Quest a worldwide market so wherever you are from, the chances are you'll find a vendor shipping to your country.

New To Darknet Shopping? Then Quest Is The Best Place to Start!

Now it is time to talk about Quest darknet revolutionary feature which aims to ensure darknet newbies are well educated and can take the necessary precautions to keep themselves safe. The Quest Academy offers a range of courses on how to use features such as PGP and XMR Multisig. These are available for free to all users with an account (a sign up is necessary so that you can save your progress).

We will keep adding new one courses that will be useful to users Quest market. We haven’t seen any market offer this level of support before and we wanted to share our expertise of the darknet world.

Account on the onion market Quest

Don't want to create an account on Quest onion? Good news, you don't have to!

Don’t forget to note down your unique order URL and 16 digit PIN code. You will also need to provide a refund address in case your order is rejected or you are entitled to a refund following a dispute.

As an accountless user Quest you will have all the features that other users have, such as discounts, ability to raise disputes, leave feedback etc.

If you wish to create an account Quest darknet so that you can access all your orders in one place or access Quest Academy, then simply Register and then Sign In each time you visit the Quest market. Registered users can choose and PIN code and personal phrase for added security protection against phishing sites. Quest market don't collect any personal information from users, and you don't need an email address, telephone number or any identifiable information.

Quest Registration

Quest Login

The Sign In and Sign Up pages of Quest

Payment on Darknet market Quest

Quest Is A Walletless Market For Fast And Easy Payments!

Quest onion are indeed a walletless market. Just create your order and send the required amount of XMR to the address provided on Quest shop. Couldn't be simpler. For XMR Multisig, check out our tutorial in the Quest Academy, but this is entirely optional and regular XMR payment will be sufficient for the majority of users.

No Bitcoin Support on market Quest? But Why?

Bitcoin (BTC) is not anonymous butthis is important for the Quest darknet shop so that everyone is anonymous and therefore your safety is at risk when using it on the darknet. Its blockchain is public and open to all to see the transaction ID and wallet address information. It only takes you to make one silly mistake to be caught on the radar of Law Enforcement. It is also very slow, with an average blockchain time of 10 minutes compared to around 2 minutes for Monero (XMR). Not to mention the fees, which are often several dollars per transaction. Monero is typically no more than a few cents.

So the question is why on earth we would have BTC in our ecosystem? Because we're smart! And you should be too! Monero is the future.

Product in the onion shop Quest

Quest market Vendors

All Quest vendors are verified and vetted before joining the platform. We have strict quality control standards and will not tolerate buyers being scammed. We currently have over 260 vendors who are actively trading, many of whom are darknet veterans from now defunct markets such as AlphaBay and ASAP Market. We currently have over 2,800 listings online. And each listing can be purchased in multiple quantities as determined by the vendor, so there's no searching through a sea of duplicate listings unlike some other darknet markets.

Quest Listing

Quest Vendor

Examples of the product listing and vendor pages on Quest

Harm reduction from Quest products is a must

Using mind altering substances is a personal decision which we believe should be up to you and nobody else. But responsible drug use is important, especially if it is your first time trying a new substance. You can learn about the impact and risks of drugs on sale on Quest under the new tab 'Effects/Dosage' tab in each product listing. This can help you make informed purchasing decisions and ensure any substances purchased are used in the safest possible way.

Shop On Quest market. Get Rewarded!

We reward loyal clients and support those who support us. For users with accounts, you can gain experience points (XP) through making purchases, leaving feedback, and even completing tutorials in the Quest Academy. Higher levels mean more rewards. You can unlock discounts, priority ticket support from staff and private onion links.

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